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Canada is an immigration hotspot and known for its exemplary quality of life; the North American country attracts hundreds of thousands of immigrants every year. People who want to settle in Canada have two options; they can either do everything themselves or hire a Canadian immigration consultant to guide them through the immigration process.

You must seriously consider hiring a consultant, especially if you want to become a permanent resident in Canada. Your consultant will use their expertise and understanding of the process to help you avoid committing mistakes when applying to obtain a work or study permit or a Canadian visa or permanent residence. Your consultant will take various steps to increase your chances of success.

Here are some typical scenarios where most people hire an immigration consultant.

You Enjoy Convenience

You can put your trust in your immigration consultant to guide you in the right direction. The professional will help you with paperwork. They will help you fill out lengthy and boring forms. If you are not sure which documents you need, your immigration consultant will point you in the right direction.

The professional will perform many tasks on your behalf, helping you save time and effort. When you have free time, you can concentrate on more critical tasks such as creating a plan to meet your expenses.

You Have Been Convicted of a Crime

The IRCC can blacklist even people who have been found guilty of relatively minor offences such as rash driving or petty theft. There are, however, ways to overcome a conviction. If you have been convicted of a crime, your consultant will leverage their experience and knowledge of Canadian immigration laws to maximize your chances of being approved.

You are Using a Complex Immigration Program

If you choose to apply through complex immigration programs such as the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program or the Manitoba program, consider hiring a consultant a necessity. Applicants applying through these programs must meet the program as well as province-specific criteria. Your consultant will guide you through every step, helping you avoid confusion.

You Have Been Refused Before

  • Inaccurate or incomplete documentation
  • The IRCC has reasons to believe that they could not fulfill the conditions of the immigration program
  • They were not eligible to apply for immigration to Canada
  • If you have been denied entry to Canada due to any of these or other reasons, your consultant will thoroughly study your case and create a plan to help you avoid committing past and new mistakes.

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