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Canada constantly features in the list of countries with the best quality of life. No wonder people from different parts of the world prefer the North American country to other nations when it comes to choosing a country to immigrate to.

If you want to become a permanent Canadian resident but do not know how to proceed, you have come to the right place. Here is everything you wanted to know about permanent residency in Canada.

Benefits of Permanent Resident Status in Canada

A permanent resident in Canada is eligible to receive social benefits that Canadian citizens get. As a permanent resident, you would be free to live, work, or study anywhere in Canada. Permanent residents in Canada also receive protection under Canadian law and the Candian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Ways to Obtain a Canadian Permanent Residency

These are the major categories for Canadian PR

  • Family class immigration: A Canadian PR can sponsor a close family member. The sponsor must be 18 years or older, a Candian PR/Candian citizen or registered in the country as an Indian under the Candian Indian Act
  • Provincial nominee programs: Provinces can nominate skilled and experienced workers for immigration under the program. Currently nine provinces and two territories participate in the program
  • Business immigration: Entrepreneurs, investors, and self-employed persons can apply for Canadian PR. Applicants under the three categories must meet the following criteria


  • Must have a net worth of at least CAD$300,000
  • Must commit to owning and managing at least 33 percent of a Candian business



  • Must have a net worth of at least CAD$800,000
  • Must make an additional investment of CAD$400,000. The amount will be refunded by the government after five years
  • Must have managed a qualifying business, as defined by the authorities


Self-employed persons

  • Must have relevant verifiable experience and skills in business, athletics, or farming


  • Express entry: The program was introduced in 2015 to attract skilled workers who can fill jobs in sectors where there is a lack of skilled Canadian workers
  • Canadian experience class: Temporary foreign workers and international students who wish to settle in Canada can apply for PR under this class


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