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Express Entry is the fastest electronic process of filing which includes Federal Government, Provincial Government, and Canadian Employers. This program has been made by the government to cover the shortage of workers in Canada by welcoming the highly-skilled workers for settlement in Canada. Express Entry is a point-based system named as Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to meet the eligibility of high demand of foreign workers to Canada. It requires the high level of education and language, along with relevant experience in appropriate field. Once you meet the requirements for Canadian immigration program, you will be eligible to start with the new opportunities. There is no minimum score requirement as such for any candidate applying under Express Entry system. However, for being selected from the Express Entry Pool, your score must be significantly good.If your score is averagely below the trends, you can also improve your CRS score. You can create your Express Entry Profile once you satisfy the Eligibility criteria of minimum point requirement. The point scheme is given below:

Age 110 points
Education 150 points
Language Proficiency 160 points
Work Experience 80 Points
Education of Spouse or Common- Law partner 10 points
Language Proficiency of Spouse or Common-law Partner 20 Points
Work experience of Spouse or Common-Law Partner 10 points
Skill Transferability 100 points
Additional Factors 100 point

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