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Should I hire a Canadian immigration consultant or lawyer, or do it myself?

Thu May 14

Canada is an immigration hotspot and known for its exemplary quality of life; the North American country attracts hundreds of thousands of immigrants every year. People who want to settle in Canada have two options; they can either do everything themselves or hire a Canadian immigration consultant to guide them through the immigration process. You […]

What are the residency requirements for Canadian permanent residents (PRs)?

Thu May 14

From a high quality of life to abundant employment opportunities, Canada ticks all the right boxes. It is the best country to live in. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people migrate to Canada with dreams in their eyes and hopes in their hearts. When you arrive in Canada, your first priority must be to […]

How do I become a permanent resident in Canada?

Fri May 8

Canada constantly features in the list of countries with the best quality of life. No wonder people from different parts of the world prefer the North American country to other nations when it comes to choosing a country to immigrate to. If you want to become a permanent Canadian resident but do not know how […]